VSaaS: Cloud Storage and Cutting Edge Video Surveillance in the 21st Century

Posted by Matt Connolly on Apr 16, 2018 10:58:55 AM

security camera using video surveillance as a service to connect to the cloud

VSaaS: Video Surveillance as a Service Replaces Antiquated Security Hardware

Enterprises and organizations have been quick to optimize the many benefits of cloud computing to secure sensitive digital data, and now many are turning to the cloud to enhance onsite security as well. In the wake of the workplace shooting at YouTube headquarters and a host of tragic active shooter and terrorist attacks around the globe, the need for optimized surveillance and protection has never been greater. VSaaS is the seamless cloud solution to comprehensive surveillance for all sites, users, and cameras within your organization.

Beyond the Burdens of DVR and NVR Devices

DVR (Digital Video Recorders) and NVR (Network Video Recorders) are the traditional surveillance camera recording devices, but their limitations have caused them to drop to "legacy hardware" status when measured against versatile cloud-based VSaaS capabilities.

Typically DVR and NVR cameras systems are available with 4, 8, 16, or 32 camera channel capacities, thus placing a fixed limit on the number of cameras that can be deployed. Each DVR device must be hardwired and programmed. NVRs are even more complicated. Since each individual camera is also a network device, they must be programmed with an IP address to connect with complex network protocols.

Frequently, existing coax cable wiring from older surveillance systems will limit the choice of recording systems and restrict locations where cameras can be used. That is, unless the organization is willing to foot the bill for a completely new compatible wiring system.

If you're thinking that legacy surveillance systems can be a burden on resources, you'd be right on target! Onsite servers and maintenance, software licensing, purchasing and updates, network management, and IP device programming all gobble up both human and hardware IT resources as well as the all-important bottom line. Network bandwidth expenses can be costly for onsite surveillance systems, especially when resources are wasted by older camera systems recording hour after hour of nothing happening. Then when all is said and done, the videos can only be viewed from a limited number of fixed locations.

Scaling up an organization's video surveillance with legacy hardware requires a tech-savvy IT capability, a valued resource which many enterprises just can't spare. VSaaS alleviates all of these problems and frees up IT resources. Time and server space can be directed to crucial business applications rather than squandering them on antiquated, limited capacity surveillance systems.

More Memory, More Cameras, More Security With VSaaS

Storage versatility and the ability to scale up or down to meet application demands has been the prime driver for businesses and organizations making the move to cloud computing. In an age where surveillance is coming to be relied on as a necessary and welcome countermeasure rather than an intrusion, more cameras offer more security.

The ability to seamlessly scale up or down to meet changing security needs is also the prime factor driving the trend toward cloud-based VSaaS. VSaaS users enjoy the flexibility to deploy cameras one at a time, or even by the hundreds. Cloud-connected surveillance permits large deployments to be phased over time, with camera service plans activated only as needed. These advantages are especially valuable to enterprise, education, and government customers migrating from disparate legacy systems to a modern, common platform for their surveillance needs.

With VSaaS there are no camera or storage limits and even multi-site, multi-user surveillance can be managed via a single web-based user interface. There is no complicated technical configuration process required to install new or additional VSaaS cameras which are easily set up by simply plugging into any internet broadband connection. 

VSaaS Advantages at VIAAS

The VSaaS solutions at VIAAS provide high definition surveillance in any situation, night or day, with ultra-wide dynamic range sensors and integrated IR (Infrared) illuminators in each camera. Video can be viewed from any web browser or mobile device. The VIAAS  IntelEvent™ feature tracks motion and records only when an action occurs, avoiding wasted bandwidth expense for hours of recording when nothing is happening. VIAAS uses patented Bandwidth Shaping™ to run on the minimum bandwidth required for more savings. 

VIAAS has a variety of camera service plans to suit the unique needs of your enterprise or organization. When you're ready to put the burdens of obsolete legacy systems behind and elevate your security program with state-of-the-art surveillance, look to VIAAS for easy to implement, easy to own VSaaS solutions. And, of course, don't hesitate to contact us!

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