3 Ways Video Surveillance Can Be Used To Tackle Bullying in Schools

Posted by Matt Connolly on Apr 20, 2018 9:17:55 AM

surveillance camera in school used to stop bullying

Bullying: The Epidemic Plaguing Our Schools

3.2 million students are affected by bullying each year and 160,000 students skip school every single day to avoid being bullied. These numbers are dumbfounding and show just how much a problem bullying is within schools. This bullying can cause a variety of mental and physical pain to the victims and can ultimately lead them to consider suicide. In fact, it is reported that suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death among young people. One way that you can help to combat bullying in schools is by using video surveillance. This can bring the monitoring of students to a whole new level. Here are three ways video surveillance can be used to tackle bullying in schools:

1) Video Surveillance Allows You To Catch Bullying When Students Are Too Scared To Speak Out

There are so many students that go to school each day and are bullied but are too afraid to report that they are bullied because they are ashamed. They don't want the bully to find out and the bullying to get worse, or they simply don't think it will make much of a difference. For these students in particular, a video surveillance system can make a world of difference.

The video surveillance cameras located throughout the school allow you to catch bullies that you otherwise wouldn't be able to see. You can then confront these bullies about their behavior. When more and more students who are bullied see that bullies are being caught and disciplined, they may be more likely to report that they are being bullied, thus helping even more bullies to be caught.  

2) Bullies Stop if They Know They'll Get Caught

If it is public knowledge among the students that there are video surveillance cameras installed throughout the school, then bullies will think twice before they try to bully other students at school. They know that if any form of bullying is caught on camera they will be punished accordingly. 

Also, if bullies don't realize that some of the cameras are hidden and think that these are areas where they won't be seen, they will quickly realize that there are eyes everywhere and they will get caught. This may also help them to realize that bullying others simply isn't worth the consequences. While this can't stop all forms of bullying, it can make huge headway in reducing the amount of bullying that goes on within schools. 

3) Closely Monitor Students Who Have Reported Being Bullied 

If a student has been brave enough to report that they are being bullied, video surveillance allows you to more closely monitor them throughout the school day and make sure that the bullying stops. You'll have the ability to watch them on both the visible and the hidden cameras to help ensure that they have no issues with bullies. They can then report back to you at the end of the day to let you know if anything went on that wasn't seen on camera.

The great thing about this is that if you have enough cameras and enough help, you can monitor several students each day. This can help you to stop bullying in its tracks, thus allowing these students to have a much better experience at school.

Find the Solution to Bullying in Schools With VIAAS

Video surveillance is an excellent way to help combat bullying in schools because it allows you to catch bullies when students are too afraid to speak to you about it, it stops bullies from bullying because they know they will get caught, and it helps you to closely monitor the students who are brave enough to report that they are being bullied.

To learn more about cloud-based video surveillance systems and how they can be used to make your school a better learning environment, you can learn more here

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