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Posted by VIAAS on Mar 19, 2019 3:11:31 PM

bodyworn-794111_1920In most of the U.S., schools are in session about 180 school days per year, and experience on average, a shooting once every eight school days. For years, kids have been taught to "stop, drop, and roll," duck and cover.  More recently, attention is being given to proactively protecting students and faculty in an active shooter situation or other emergency. 

Is Your School Prepared?

Recently, VIAAS launched First Eyes, a program to help schools better prepare for the next emergency. VIAAS Cloud Video Surveillance includes the ability to quickly and easily grant 3rd parties access to specific cameras and locations. Through this feature, VIAAS education customers are able to partner with local law enforcement and 911 Dispatch, to grant instant access to their surveillance cameras in the event of an active shooter situation or emergency.

Unfortunately, in many emergencies, first responders are going in "blind". Allowing 911 Dispatch and first responders to have First Eyes on the campus provides improved situational awareness, enabling a directed response and potentially quicker resolution.  Law enforcement teams will not only have a better understanding of the situation, but also a live view of the scene, enhancing crisis response and mitigation. The First Eyes program is available at no charge to VIAAS customers. Most VIAAS Education customers already have an emergency response plan in place.  Now, they are able to provide an important and potentially life-saving advantage to first responders on an as-needed basis.

As part of the First Eyes promotion, through June 30, 2019, VIAAS is offering education customers 20% off cameras, accessories, and service plans to provide video surveillance coverage you might be missing on your campuses. Please contact VIAAS to learn more about the First Eyes program or for product demos or quotes.  VIAAS is dedicated to enhancing education customers safety and success!  Prepare. Protect. Prevent!web-ad3-google_no-buttons_728x90

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