Advantages of VIAAS Video Surveillance as a Service

Posted by Matt Connolly on Feb 13, 2019 5:01:12 PM


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The Benefits of Video Surveillance in Retail, Schools, and the Workplace

Posted by VIAAS on May 7, 2018 9:41:05 AM

When you see a surveillance camera, what's the first thing you think about? For most people, it depends on where they are. In a retail business, it looks like an anti-theft measure. In a school, the kids view it as a way to track misbehavior. In an office, be it corporate or government, even if there isn't much in the way of illegal activity that employees can do, they assume the cameras are waiting to catch them doing something wrong.

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Bandwidth Shaping: Patented Technology For Better VSaaS

Posted by VIAAS on Apr 30, 2018 10:06:19 AM

An Overview of Bandwidth Shaping

Understanding Bandwidth and the Internet

The term "bandwidth" is one which many consumers casually toss around without really understanding the technical aspect. Generally, consumers are aware that more bandwidth costs more as it relates to an ISP (internet service provider), but many have only a vague idea of exactly what it is they're paying for. So what does it mean when we talk about using more or less bandwidth on the internet?

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VSaaS: Cloud Storage and Cutting Edge Video Surveillance in the 21st Century

Posted by Matt Connolly on Apr 16, 2018 10:58:55 AM

VSaaS: Video Surveillance as a Service Replaces Antiquated Security Hardware

Enterprises and organizations have been quick to optimize the many benefits of cloud computing to secure sensitive digital data, and now many are turning to the cloud to enhance onsite security as well. In the wake of the workplace shooting at YouTube headquarters and a host of tragic active shooter and terrorist attacks around the globe, the need for optimized surveillance and protection has never been greater. VSaaS is the seamless cloud solution to comprehensive surveillance for all sites, users, and cameras within your organization.

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