Super Surveillance Bowl

Posted by Matt Connolly on Feb 1, 2018 11:07:55 AM

As we approach another Super Bowl weekend and potentially historic game if you are a Tom Brady fan, the subject of security inevitably comes up.  The Super Bowl provides an incredible challenge to the hosting city, Minneapolis Minnesota in this case.  Tens of thousands of fans have descended on a city that's enjoying the hottest party in the country in the midst of a deep freeze.  The logistics required to support the Super Bowl are mind numbing and the arctic temps will make it even more so.  High temp on game day?  6 degrees...  Justin Timberlake will be grateful for a covered stadium I'm guessing!

I read today that the city has set up a command center and deployed more than 2000 cameras in the downtown and neighboring areas.  3000 officers will be on duty and 2000 of them will have the ability to immediately broadcast video of suspicious activity to the 80+ staff at the command center.  How far we've come!  For the 1992 Super Bowl in Minneapolis, the primary form of communication among law enforcement was pagers.*

Will the months of preparation, millions of dollars of investment and extensive use of new technology pay off?  The weather will certainly play a role.  How will these advanced systems perform in the sub-zero temps at night?  Will the big chill suppress a week long party that ends with the big game as an exclamation mark?  I guess we'll know on Monday. 

Clearly the Super Bowl is an iconic American tradition and as such, makes it a prime target for all sorts of bad behavior.  The FBI, Minnesota National Guard and other agencies are augmenting the city police force.  Ultimately, preparation and planning will likely mitigate security threats or, provide the most efficient and effective response if there is an incident.  2000 cameras...  I hope they have little or nothing concerning to record.  Maybe just some great "epic ice/snow fails" video we can laugh to for years to come.

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