Practical Surveillance Solutions in the Wake of #NeverAgain

Posted by VIAAS on Jul 13, 2018 9:05:23 AM

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The hashtag #NeverAgain has become the rallying cry in a movement to protect our schools, students and faculty from further threats. But how can we approach that fundamental goal and what can we do to protect our children in their schools? Part of the answer can be found in providing the right information in the case of a threat. And what can give this information? We believe that the right surveillance solution is critical in delivering this. Let's take a look at why surveillance solutions are so important and how technology already in use is perfect for protecting our school systems.

Information is Key

The single most crucial component of a potentially threatening situation is information. With this, the presence of a threat can be verified and action taken. With the right information, a complete risk analysis can be done that will lead to a practical solution with which to best manage the situation.

Human beings take in a lot of their information through visual means. This is why having a camera in a given situation is so valuable. With only an image, it is sometimes possible to gain a handle on the circumstances and come to a reasonable understanding of the details.

But as good as an image is, a live video goes beyond that and allows for a virtual presence directly into the action. With a live video feed, risk analysis and the corresponding reaction can be continuously modified as needed to fit the moment as it unfolds.

Intelligent Processing With Surveillance Solutions

Intelligent systems can even automatically monitor live video feeds and alert you when something changes. The automatic monitoring capability can let schools watch areas that are typically empty, providing an intelligent warning that an exception has occurred.

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The best surveillance systems will allow you to quickly find a noted change in a feed without wasting crucial time searching. Such capability can be vital in determining if an exception is a threat by easily observing its pattern history.

Given the power of live video, it is easy to see why it so crucial to have this capability in today's school systems. There is no better way to say informed up to the moment in a changing scenario than with a live video feed. But that feed needs to be shareable to be truly useful in the case of a threat.

Viewable Anywhere

In order to be genuinely useful, live video in a threatening situation should be able to be distributed to any number of active parties. Today's information acquisition on a personal level has moved well beyond the old ways of distribution.

In the past, information distribution may have been handled through a radio system using a dispatcher. While that still has its place, technology now has the means to put that live video stream directly in the hands of the people in the field. 

Any protective plan using a surveillance solution should incorporate the capability for distributed viewing. Such a solution needs to provide for mobile users as well as more traditional applications. After all, the best means to ensure that ongoing analysis happens correctly is to provide the best source of information to all involved parties.

That information is the live video feeds, which is why multiple endpoints, including mobile viewing capabilities, must be an integral part of surveillance solutions. And because that visual data is so valuable, it should exist beyond the grasp of anyone that would do harm to it.

Using the Cloud for Surveillance Systems

Given the importance of the information available in a live video feed, the data should be stored offsite for its own safety. Being geographically transposed protects this data in the case of a major problem on the school site itself. 

Commercial cloud storage provides a proven means of storing this important data, keeping it safe for information dissemination later. As luck would have it, everything we need to have a successful surveillance solution for the schools is already found in industrial applications.

Borrowing from Industry Surveillance Solutions

Industrial solutions for surveillance have the answers to our school needs. Most modern solutions already offer video that is viewable from many different locations, and most support viewing from mobile devices. 

Industrial surveillance solutions already provide off-site storage to protect the visual data in the case of an on-site disaster or other means of destruction. The methods used are already hardened against inconsequential failure through years of testing and application.

The best solution for safety in our schools is the distribution of live video to multiple locations as the need warrants and off-site storage of the video data to prevent tampering or other means of destruction. The good news is that there are already multiple industries that have developed and perfected the perfect surveillance solution. We just have to implement these proven techniques in our school systems to help make #NeverAgain more than just a hashtag.

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