Are Surveillance Cameras a Good Idea?

Posted by Matt Connolly on Jan 23, 2018 10:41:32 AM

Surveillance in public spaces and the workplace is more common than ever before.  Changes in culture and technology are driving the trend.  Surveillance has traditionally been viewed as unnecessarily intrusive, even spying.  The "big brother" mentality is giving way to a culture of surveillance tolerance.  I wouldn't say most people embrace surveillance but certainly, there has been a move toward acceptance.  The change is being driven in part by growing numbers of criminal incidents and terrorist acts caught on camera.  Surveillance video evidence disseminated through the media and across the Internet is both useful and fascinating.  Whether it's a package thief, gunman, disgruntled employee, vehicle incident or an act of vandalism, the value of surveillance in identifying perpetrators, solving crimes and delivering indisputable evidence is clear.  

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