Advantages of VIAAS Video Surveillance as a Service

Posted by Matt Connolly on Feb 13, 2019 5:01:12 PM


Why is VIAAS Video Surveillance as a Service gaining popularity among business, education and government customers?  The advantages are many, especially as the size of the deployment grows.
  • EFFICIENT – Complete Cloud navigation, administration and video storage.
  • SIMPLE – No DVR’s/NVR’s or software. Plug in the cameras and we do the rest!
  • POWERFUL – Enterprise data architecture, professional grade, feature-rich User Interface.
  • AFFORDABLE – Lower upfront cost and predictable annual service costs. OPEX vs. CAPEX.
  • RELIABLE – Cameras record and store video even if local network or Internet is down. Never miss an event! 

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A 100% Hosted Video Surveillance Solution makes video surveillance deployments easy and cost effective for many reasons.  VIAAS, an industry leader in surveillance as a service offers the following: 

  • No DVR, NVR, Servers or Software Required.
  • Lower TCO, plus the advantages of predictable OPEX vs. large, upfront CAPEX.
  • Efficient Cloud administration – Manage all your cameras, sites and users via a web browser.
  • Outstanding Reliability, Redundant Architecture -VIAAS Secure Cloud is fully redundant with automatic failover. No single point of failure.
  • Accessible anywhere at any time from computer, tablet or mobile device – Safari, Firefox, IE, Chrome, iOS app, Android app.
  • Video storage by time, not volume – Cloud data storage, defined by time not volume. 7, 30, 60, 90-day storage or custom plans if needed can be mixed and matched among cameras to precisely meet customer objectives.
  • Recorded videos in Cloud are more secure than on server – Cannot modify or delete recording until service plan defined date.
  • Long-term video event storage in the Cloud – Save up to 2GB of video and thumbnails for each service plan, indefinitely, not specific to any camera, aggregated across all plans in the account.
  • Role-based access – Control user’s passwords and camera access as Super User, Admin, User or Live View Only. Allow access to only the cameras they need to see.
  • Personalized Dashboard – Each user’s dashboard is specific to their role and access. Only see what is assigned to them with their specific role for each camera.
  • Unlimited users – No limit to number of users in a customer account. No additional charge for users. Give police, contractors, or others access as needed, temporarily, at no charge.
  • Unlimited cameras in one account - one account can control one to thousands of cameras at unlimited sites.
  • Camera firmware updates – Automatic push updates to camera firmware. Always current.
  • Send thumbnail images to Cloud ever 1 to 32 seconds - Thumbnail images generated to provide real-time situational awareness without the bandwidth requirement of live streaming video.

IntelEvents ® (U.S. Patent 9472069)- Efficient viewing of videos, thumbnails, motion notifications and more... 

  • Motion Alerts – Notifies user when there is movement per customer’s defined schedule
  • Offline alerts – VIAAS Secure Cloud notifies user when cameras are offline. Cameras continue recording (if powered), store video onboard and move to Cloud when connectivity is restored.
  • Span tool to capture multiple video clips into 1 file - saves time because it eliminates inactivity between recordings
  • Accessible anywhere at any time from computer, tablet or mobile device
  • Capture and download unlimited video events and pictures to computer or other storage device.
  • Search archived recordings as thumbnail pictures – save time by viewing multiple cameras at one time, as thumbnail / picture images on a timeline view.

 Bandwidth Shaping® (U.S. Patent 8558888) – Dynamic streaming of data, optimized for each camera at every location.

  • Allocate bandwidth on all cameras - set bandwidth settings for each location for efficient use of bandwidth and to ensure cameras do not compete for bandwidth when the end-user requires it.
  • Intelligent bandwidth allocation - looks at all cameras and intelligently prioritizes which camera needs more bandwidth to upload video to Cloud.
  • Scheduled Bandwidth - Video and images can be set to trickle to the Cloud based on customer defined schedule.
  • Video and images encrypted at the camera - securely record video and pictures on camera
  • H264 Compression - Can send video at different bit rates: 512kbs, 768kbs, 1.2Mbps, 2.0Mbps from 720p-1080p resolution.
  • Encryption - SSL encryption between camera, VIAAS Secure Cloud and browser
  • Preview images provide real-time monitoring - Without high bandwidth demand.
  • Video is securely sent to the VIAAS Secure Cloud for storage and playback.

 Additional Benefits included with VIAAS Cloud Video Surveillance Service

  • Site survey assistance, camera placement and count recommendations.
  • Camera configuration – VIAAS is happy to lead or train.
  • Site bandwidth scheduling and optimization - based on customer’s surveillance objectives.
  • End User training. VIAAS will provide hosted web training to customers and users as often as needed at no additional charge.
  • Camera tune-up service. VIAAS can provide annual or more frequent camera and account setting reviews and maintenance recommendations.
  • INDUSTRY LEADING WARRANTY – 2-year standard hardware warranty, 3-year hardware warranty with initial purchase of 3-year service plan, 5-year hardware warranty with initial purchase of 5-year service plan. FedEx replacement camera delivery if we are unable to remotely repair.

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